Saturday, October 29, 2005

Voodoo PC ARIA Media Center

With a 7 inch integrated touch screen, AMD Athlon FX-57, 1GB of ram, 400GB hard drive, GeForce 7800GTX, dual-layer DVD burner and a Logitech remote, this is a media center to envy! All of this can be yours for a mere $5,000.

Voodoo PC ARIA Luxury Media Center PC Reviewed [eHomeUpgrade]

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Logitech X 530

I received my speakers today from and I must say I am impressed. They really perform well. Great range and bass reponse. But of course, I am using the Sound blaster 24 bitAudigy 2 sound card so 5.1 is great works great with these speakers.

I took a moment to play Doom 3 and they really out perform my old 2.1 setup.

Mediabolic Creates Cheap Network Media Player

For under $100, the Buffalo Network Media Player isn’t a bad deal. It basically lets you store and share your digital content (video, music or images) from the computer or other compatible product and when you hook it up to a TV or stereo you can browse your meida using a remote control. Includes wireless 802.11a/b/g networking with WEP/WPA and 10/100 802.3 Wired Ethernet.

Buffalo Link Theater Mini Network Media Player

IBM says new Xbox chip is "a powerhouse"

"A powerhouse designed for hardcore video game play" is how IBM have described the chip it built to run the Xbox 360 game console from Microsoft, coming globally in about one month. The chip includes three cores, each with two simultaneous threads and clocking speeds greater than 3 GHz. It also includes 165 million transistors.

"Microsoft’s aggressive timetable required IBM take the Xbox 360 chip design from concept to full execution in just 24 months," said Ilan Spillinger, director of the IBM design center for Xbox 360.

"The Xbox 360 chip set was designed from the ground up specifically for high-definition gaming and entertainment," said Todd Holmdahl, corporate vice president of hardware for Xbox.

Half-Life 2 for Xbox

The original Xbox will take one of its last gasps for air when Sierra releases Half-Life 2 onto the machine later next month. Developer Valve has announced the Xbox port has gone gold, meaning the game is completed and has been sent off to manufacturing.

Xbox owners won't have the additional content access PC owners do through Steam, nor the ability to play online (or offline, for that matter) multiplayer on the Xbox version, but they're the only console owners with a chance to see Gordon Freeman's latest adventure.

Of course, purchasable expansion packs like Aftermath would fit perfectly within the Xbox 360 marketplace, but there's been nothing but idle and baseless rumors that Valve's planning on bringing Freeman up to next-generation speed. Still, one can hope.

Treo 650 Music Dock

Need a place to charge your Treo and listen to music at the same time? Well here is an option.

The Treo 650 Music dock has features like sub-woofers, pretty blue lights, and a 3.5mm stereo line-in for other audio devices. Plus, it’ll sync and charge your Treo with the included cables. This is as good as it gets for Treo users

The Squeezebox

The Squeezebox is an MP3 player for the home network. It includes a free PC/Mac-side component that scans your music library and shares it out to LAN networked Squeexboxes. The PC/Mac (server-side, really) component is notable because it also provides browser-based control of your LAN's squeezeboxs. This feature allows for remote control-like functionality via a LAN connected PDA or laptop making it akin to a "poor man's" Sonos Digital Music System.

The new Mark 3 model boasts a higher quality Digital Audio Converter for higher quality sound output,a better display, and 802.11g support.

The Squeezebox is particularly interesting because it is very mod friendly. Among other modifications, someone wrote a video playback mod for the device.

At $299 for the 802.11g model (there's a wired version available for $249), it's not a bad deal if you're looking to add MP3, WMA, FLAC, AAC, WAV, and Ogg Vorbis playback to your entertainment center without installing an HTPC.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Google to take on eBay?

Google may launch a new service dubbed "Google Base" that may well attempt to rival eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist by offering users the ability to list everything from used cars to real estate.

"Google is maybe striking at the heart of eBay by offering a perhaps free venue for individuals to list items for sale," said Derek Brown, an analyst with Pacific Growth Equities.

Wierd Ebay Item

A Gummy Bear orgy. That right folks, once again Ebay has proved to be the playground of the idoits as some guy looks to make some money on this melted gob of gummy.

Check it out.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Canon Powershot SD430 Wireless

The Canon Powershot SD430 Wireless has wireless support, with an antenna built right into the camera. But before you get all excited that you'll be able to post your high-quality pics to Flickr with ease, the "wireless" here just means you'll be able to wirelessly transmit photos from your camera to your computer. Still, it's not a bad start — you can transmit your already taken photos, or have it "auto Transfer" immediately when you take a photo. You can also print out the images automatically, and operate the shutter from the computer. It's a 5.3 megapixel camera with 3x optical zoom, a 2.0-inch LCD, an "ultra-high refractive index glass molded aspherical lens,"—which means it has a lens—and the processing power of DIGIC II.

Canon Powershot SD430 Wireless

Halo Enhanced for 360?

Microsoft has been at a severe disadvantage with backwards compatibility between Xbox 360 and Xbox because of the vast differences in terms of hardware creation, but no one's really considered the possible advantages of that situation. Bungie Studios, however, seems to be the first breaking word on this.

"We're going to have more to tell you about how Halo one and two look on 360, and it's all good news," says the company

There shouldn't be any reason to call special attention to the game's looks on Xbox 360 unless there would be a noticeable difference. Rumors have been flying backwards compatibility would add 720P support for HDTVs, in addition to cleaning up frame rates and texture issues, but no one at Microsoft or Bungie's made anything official.

A full list of backwards compatible games should be made available on any day now, and hopefully we'll learn more about the enhancements the Halo series (and potentially many more original Xbox games) will receive next-generation

Samsung SPH-B2300

Samsung Korea has announced the introduction of their new SPH-B2300 DMB handset.

This CDMA handset features satellite DMB broadcasting reception, as well as BIFS (Binary Format for Scene) technology, that allows the user to interact with the TV programming. The SPH-B2300 also features a QVGA display, MP3 playback, video-on-demand, TV-output, EV-DO, IrDA, and Pictbridge for mobile printing.

The SPH-B2300 will be available in December for KTF subscribers in the Korean region.

SPH-B2300 Press Release

Monday, October 24, 2005


Caffiene anyone??

Nespresso is a company that makes damn fine espresso machines at not-so-damn fine prices. Until now, that is. The Nespresso Essenza C90 Espresso machine is a single serve espresso machine that produces big flavor with small results. The C90 is not automatic like other models, but still allows full control over how you create your cup of espresso to wake you up in the morning. Equipped with a 19 bar high pressure pump, thermoblock heating, and manual volume control (??), the C90 guarentees that the cup of espresso you make is up to your standards.

Nespresso Essenza C90 Espresso Machine

Sprint Nextel Likely To Partner With Cable Companies

Reports today indicate that Sprint Nextel is close to completing a deal to be the wireless partner for the US's three largest cable companies. Comcast, Time Warner and Cox are all considering selling Sprint service as part of their "triple play" bundles of TV, internet and phone service. Cable companies can offer home phone service using VOIP technology like Vonage, however offering cellular phone could be complementary or even preferable to VOIP service. If these deals are signed, they could yield a large increase in the number of Sprint Nextel subscribers, especially if the companies offer discounts to users signing up for bundles.

Full Story...

Sunday, October 23, 2005

What's Wrong!!!

Well an article of mine made it's way on the Computer World Blog.

What I can't figure out is how Google is not indexing this site. It's all over MSN and I have already submitted the site to Google (hell I am using BlogSpot), you would think it would happen naturally. I tried to use the new google sitemaps, but appearently there is something I am not doing right.

Maybe I'm having a really dumb moment, but in order for Google to verify my site I have to Create a verification file (HTML file) and place it on your server at

It's not my server, It's Google's, so how do I insert this file???

Anybody out there that can help me with this???

Verizon's One Phone

Verizon is now selling the Verizon One Phone to Verizon DSL customers. This is an all-in-one device combining a telephone, high speed DSL modem, and 802.11g wireless router. Don't confuse this with a VoIP phone because it isn't. However, the Verizon One phone combines three different functions into one convenient device.
The Verizon One phone comes with a color touchscreen display providing information on News, Sports, Weather, Stocks, and local movie listings and showtimes. There's a built in memo pad, address book, and calendar which can be shared with the entire family. Since the device is also a DSL modem, you can browse the Verizon SuperPages for additional information.

You can additional information on the Product Page.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Nanocar

Using the parts inside a single molecule, scientists have constructed the world's smallest car. It has a chassis, axles and a pivoting suspension. The wheels are buckyballs, spheres of pure carbon containing 60 atoms apiece.

It'd be a real squeeze to take it for a spin, however.

The whole car is no more than 4 nanometers across. That's slightly wider than a strand of DNA. A human hair is about 80,000 nanometers thick.

Other groups have made car-shaped nanoscale objects. But this is the first one that rolls "on four wheels in a direction perpendicular to its axles," the researchers reported Thursday.

What's the point? Nanotrucks, of course.

Check out the story.

Here are some other "small" breakthroughs

The World's Smallest Motor

The World’s Smallest Robot

The World's Smallest Refrigerator

The World’s Smallest Fountain Pen

Friday, October 21, 2005

what the world would look like if corporations had their names on everything

Corporate Logos on Worth 1000 .. Ads everywhere

Patent tussle could shut down BlackBerry service in U.S.

(REUTERS) - A U.S. District Court will be asked to reconfirm an injunction that could shut down Research In Motion Ltd.'s (RIM) BlackBerry service in the U.S. after a motion to stay the case was denied, NTP Inc. said today. NTP, which successfully sued RIM for patent infringement in 2002, said the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit denied RIM's motion to stay or suspend the case, pending a request for a U.S. Supreme Court review. Earlier this month, the same U.S. appeals court refused to rehear and reconsider the patent-infringement ruling
(see "Court deals another blow to RIM's appeal hopes").

NTP said the case will move back to the District Court it was first heard in for reconfirmation of the injunction that could halt sales of the BlackBerry e-mail device and shut down RIM's service in the U.S. NTP first won the injunction in 2003, but it was stayed by the judge in the case pending the appeal process. RIM and NTP had reached an agreement in March to settle the dispute for $450 million. That deal fell apart in June, but RIM has said it would ask for court action to enforce the agreement.

Trading of RIM shares was halted pending the news.


Logitech has been my brand of preferance for some time. I currently use the Logitech Mx Duo Wireless Mouse and Keyboard combo. It's the best wireless set I have had my hands on!

I use a Microsoft wireless combo at work and all-in-all, it doesn't compare to the range and capabilities of Logitech.

I just purchased the Logitech X 530 - PC Multimedia 5.1 Home Theater Speaker System

from and I should receive them in the next few days or so. I'll be sure and let you know what I think about them

New Cybershot

This good-looking Sony Cyber-shot DSC-M2 lets you take VHS quality video both before and after you snap a still image. Called a "hybrid imaging device," the M2 basically lets you buffer your photo with 5 seconds before it was taken and 3 seconds after. Kinda neat. It also includes a Pocket Album function, which converts captured images to VGA size and stores up to 1,100 images in the camera’s built-in memory—letting you create a picture album that can be sorted by day and month. The design is a kind of twist-and-turn that allows the LCD panel rotate 270 degrees. About the size of a small clamshell phone, the M2 weighs in at 210 grams and costs $899.

New Sony Cyber-shot Captures Stills and Videos with Style

Depth Charge: D You Know What I Mean?

Depth Charge: D You Know What I Mean?

(The following must be said in a deep voice)

"I'm easy to get along with, if you people would only learn too worship me."

This is too funny! I am going to have to memorize this one!

Halo + DoA 4 Screens

X05 set the stage for Tecmo and Bungie Studios to reveal a surprising collaboration between the two Xbox lovin' companies: a female Spartan would appear as a fighter in the upcoming Dead or Alive 4. It's not quite Halo 3, but hey, it's pretty close.

Unfortunately, imaginations were left unsatisfied until scans from Game Informer spread through the Internet like wildfire and our first glimpse at hand-to-hand Halo combat was unearthed.

High-resolution screen shots beat out grainy scans any day, though, so here you go. Xbox 360 fan site Xboxyde has unearthed our first, clean look at Dead or Alive 4's killer bonus. We'll be back with more soon.

Wikipedia's list of words and expressions from The Simpsons

Homer's mispronunciation of alcohol

The process of becoming drunken, this would be gerund form of the the pseudo-verb "To Drunken". Moe tells Homer he's late for his drunkening.

A combination of the words "jerk" and "jackass," used by Homer, in the episode "The Joy of Sect." This term is also used to describe Homer's behavior during some recent seasons, primarily during seasons 10-12, and rising up briefly in season 16.

USB 2.0 TV Tuner

Compro Technology announces its VideoMate U900 "world's smallest full functions USB 2.0 TV Box." The tuner itself is smaller than a credit card—albeit a thick one— and allows for TV viewing, recording and video/audio capture through the USB 2.0 port of your desktop or laptop. And of course, because it's small, there's the whole portable thing going for it.

Compro Announced the Smallest Full Functions USB 2.0 TV Tuner Box

Dodging the boss

I feel like I am in Office Space, I know the boss is going to ask me to work in the morning and I had every intention of being extra lazy this weekend. Everytime she walks by I'm on the phone and I stretch out the call so she walks off. Maybe I'll make it out of here and be able to enjoy my weekend.

She called me in to her office and asked me to work at 6:00AM!
This sucks!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

New Sony VAIO

Sony has just released a new all-in-one PC bundled with an LCD TV. The VAIO VA TV-PC is available in a couple models: the VGC-VA10G and the VGC-VA11G. You can watch live TV on the 20-inch LCD screen, or if you want, you could record those shows on to the 250GB/320GB hard drive via the included Windows XP Media Center edition. The PC also features an Intel Pentium 4 processor with 3 or 3.2 Ghz, 1GB of RAM, WiFi, a Radeon X700 video card, and a DVD+R double layer/DVD+-RW drive. It also comes with 2.1 channel speakers and an A/V and S-Video ports, which can be used for transferring your old VHS videos over to DVD. These kinds of TV/PC combos are nothing new in Japan but are only just starting to penetrate the US market. Which is great — these would be excellent in tiny apartments or college dorm rooms due to its space-saving size.

The units will be on sale later this month at national retailers and at the SonyStyle store, and you can also pre-order them now. The VGC-VA10G is $1,999.99 each, while the VGC-VA11G is $2,199.99 each.

Press Release [Sony]

VA TV-PC Series [Sony]


Some Israeli guy did this.

Digital Living System

Sony is working their way into the media center market, but in Sony fashion they are too good of a company to just have a plain old "media center" so they are labeling their new device as a "digital living system." This machine features a Pentium D processor, only 512 MB of memory, a lowly 200 GB hard drive, no RAID, 802.11g WiFi, a GeForce 6200, and a dual-layer DVD burner. For the mediocre specs this machine it has a hefty price tag of $2,300. This machine does include a nifty keyboard/touchpad combo, has an integrated DVD changer and doesn’t look very PC-esque. So it could nicely blend into any ritzy home theatre setup.

Sony VAIO XL1 Digital Living System [PCmag]

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Xbox 360 Extender Demo

Jeff Henshaw on the Xbox team, sat down with the Channel 9 team and did a demo that shows how the Xbox 360 works with Media Center.

Watch the video here

A Flamethrowing Robosapien

How F-ing cool is this! I wish I had 4 of them to run around the office and torture people with!

Check it out

Media Center PC

Yet Another Small Form Factor PC (YASFFPC) has been announced by prolific German-based Shuttle in time for the holidays. The Shuttle XPC Media Center is, of course, small, but is also being marketed as a digital entertainment product. And most importantly, the product was developed to work with all new features from Update Rollup 2 for Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, including Away Mode, dual tuner support, and compatibility with new Media Center Extender devices and, of course, the Xbox 360. Also includes 2 digital or analog tuner cards, 7.1 high-definition surround sound, USB and FireWire connectors and fully integrated LAN and wireless networking.

The Shuttle XPC M1000 is Ready to Take Over Your Living Room

Mili Moto

Motorola is dropping a handheld device they claim is up to military specs. The HC700-L is rough and tumble and Jarhead ready, and could certainly come in handy in the event of any of the various disasters that seem to be looming. It rocks an "advanced omni-directional area imager for 1D/2D barcode imaging," which right there makes this one pretty cool toy to take on any adventure. Motorola stresses that the HC700- has civilian and commercial applications as well, with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Windows Mobile For Pocket PC and GPS/AGPS (with iDEN.)

Motorola launches handheld device with military specifications [MobileMag]

The New RAZR

The new Motorola RAZR, the company officially announced it as well as two more new 3G cellphones. Along with the RAZR V3x, look for the E1070, a clamshell phone and the E770v, a candybar design. The RAZR V3x weighs less then 130 grams and comes in liquorice black, ash silver and cosmic blue. It's got a 2 megapixel camera and allows real-time, 2-way video calling. Also has an externally accessible Transflash/Micro SD memory card.The E1070 only has a measly 1.3 megapixel camera with digital zoom, some sort of "enhanced" bluetooth support (whatever that means), and external memory card.

The E770v is being sold only by Vodaphone right now (so, we won't have any access for a while). This one seems to be the most powerful and includes all of the above features as well as mobile TV services.

Motorola Introduces Next Generation of 3G Handsets

GPS mobile thief caught red handed

Here's a pretty funny story

A Bulgarian customs official stole a mobile phone with GPS and was caught after its rightful owner pinpointed the device in the culprit's pocket!

US ambassador John Beyrle was en route from Varna to Hungary when he submitted his hand luggage for the usual x-ray inspection. His phone subsequently did a disappearing act, and an airport staff search for the missing mobile proved fruitless.

Beyrle, however, powered up his laptop, activated the phone's GPS which revealed its location aboard the light-fingered ne'er-do-well. The master criminal and an accomplice were cuffed and now face the sack plus malpractice and theft raps.

Xbox 360 to take games to a new level

The kinds of games to be available for the Xbox 360, shown on Tuesday at a preview event in San Francisco, have made for some impressive viewing. It seems clear that the new generation of hardware available for the console will have some startling results - much more detailed and vivid games than in the current Xbox or its existing rivals.

"If this were a current-generation game, this would be a flat ground -- one big smeary texture," said Blake Fischer, Xbox worldwide content planner, pointing to an elaborate field of individual grass blades waving in the wind in "Kameo," an action-adventure game from Microsoft's Rare game studio. "This is a living world."

Microsoft is certainly showing belief in the new console, claiming that it will deliver the best launch line-up in the history of the console industry. Whether this comes to pass or not remains to be seen.

Palm and RIM

Research in Motion, the company responsible for the Blackberry Connect email service has FINALLY finished the deal with Palm. The deal will bring Blackberry Connect email service to the Palm operating system, at the current time specifically with the Treo 650. The deal will add many features to the Treo 650 including the Blackberry Connect, support for Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus, wireless calendar syncing, corporate email directory access, email attachment viewing, and triple DES encryption. Expect to see this merger be fully underway by early 2006.

Palm gets RIM Blackberry Connect [MobileMag]

Palm, RIM ink licensing deal [Cnet News]

Monday, October 17, 2005

Ok, so I may have a thing for Laura Foy a.k.a. Thug, but here is another great site (and show) to follow. is consitent with every episode, bring you the best of gaming and technology.

Attack of the Show

G4's Attack of the Show is Awesome!

I watch every episode and love the info they put out there.

Check out their blog

Official Geek Merchandise

Remeber, nerds are nerds, Geeks get things done!

In the market for the newest Geek gear check out Jinx. I took some time to check out some of the appearal from here and I'm hell bent on getting some new Geek Ware!

Samsung 3Gb Hard-Disk Phone

Samsung has unveiled a hard-disk-based SPH-V7900 mobile phone which sports a staggering 3GB hard disk drive. Offering twice the capacity of its predecessor, the SPH-V7900 also boasts two cameras (one with 2-megapixel resolution), dual screens and twin speakers in a twist-flip housing, and the main TFT LCD screen has QVGA (240x320 pixels) resolution. There's also an MP3/video player onboard, and the whole thing measures 103x52x27.6mm and weighs 165g. Samsung claims 4.5 hours of talk and 200 hours standby.

I knew the Smurfs were terrorists!

In this photo of a poster provided by Unicef on Tuesday Oct. 11, 2005, the cartoon Smurfs and their village are seen being bombed by airplanes. The recent advertising campaign by Unicef, both in print and on television, is intended to teach schoolchildren about the horrors of war. The title in French at left bottom reads 'Don't let war deystroy the world of children'.


As more and more audio and video make their way to the Internet, it has become increasingly difficult to find things that you like. Loomia is a podcast and videocast search engine plus much more. Our goal is to help you discover, share, and manage things of interest to you. We make use of the likes and dislikes of an ever-increasing community to filter through thousands of channels to help you find good stuff.

Check it out.


Streamload is a service that enables you to send, receive, store and access Megafiles™ to any person and from any Internet connected device.

I use 2 128MB Thumdrives to transfer files to and from work, but what if you are working on a big project in a multilevel corporation and need to share it accross the net. Streamload is the answer. With packages ranging from a free membership (Downloads:10MB/file max, 100MB/month. Uploads: 10GB ) to a huge premium version that allows you to store an unlimited number of files and send/access up to 720GB's a month.

Check it out.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Saturday football at it's best

What a day it has been for college football. I've watched it all day. Alabama beat Ole Miss at the last few seconds with a field goal. LSU beat the Florida gators with a. clock clenching showdown. Michigan defeated Penn ST with a touchdown pass with 1 second left on the clock. USC, at the final drive, manages to bring home a win over Notre Dame in a battle to the end and Auburn stomped Arkansas with little effort. UCLA scores in overtime to defeat Washington St. Boston college nearly loses at the hand of Wake Forest and I'm watching Florida St struggle with unranked UVA trailing by 16 points.

It's been good to sit and just enjoy a nice quiet day to myself with some really great football. It has been a long time since I have really sit down and watched football.
Sent wirelessly via BlackBerry from T-Mobile.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Holy huge TV Batman!

LG's 102" Full HD PDP TV!

OH DEAR LORD! 102" of pure TV bliss. I'm not sure if this is for show or actually going to hit the market but here are a couple of links to read about it.


LG’s 102” Full HD PDP TV [Akihabara]

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

BellSouth, Sprint Nextel to link national data network

(IDG NEWS SERVICE) - BellSouth Corp. has teamed up with Sprint Nextel Corp. to provide data services across the U.S. in a move that could help BellSouth compete with other carriers that are merging to create giant companies.

Sony's 990

P990i takes effective communications to new heights. You have everywhere access to the Internet, push e-mail to get your e-mail straight to your phone and video calling and messaging for effective communications. Utilize the fastest existing wireless networks and the most advanced network operator services. Take pictures to be proud of. The P990i has a 2 megapixel digital camera with video. Catch the moment and save it or send it. Show what your camera can do.

Symbian OS 9.1, the latest version of the most-used open smartphone operative system is now launched and P990i has it. Add innovative applications to your phone and make it a powerful and effective business tool.

Seagate Brings 500GB SATA To Market

Seagate has now entered into that elite ring of manufacturers offering an incredibly huge 500GB 3.5” HDD, spinning at the industry standard 7200RPM. These are the modifications to their existing Barracuda line, and will be available with the oft-left out NCQ feature in SATA drives. Aside from having a massive amount of space, these drives also sport one of the longest market warrantys, especially compared to typical HDD, with 5 years of protection. Though the most common method of getting larger disks is to stack more and more platters together, with 500GB of space who is going to complain?

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Bendable electronic color paper with Image memory from Fujitsu

Fujitsu debuted bendable color e-paper xtreme ultra at CEATEC. The screen/paper/whatever won’t break or anything when bent, thus making it the ideal replacement for paper. Lots of visions are in the works for this new e-paper such as advertising in transit, books, manuals, and other various paper replacements. One cool feature is the ability to transfer images from a mobile phone or the such, to a large e-paper display for possible image viewing or advertisement transfers.

Palm Linux mobile phones

Palm will ship Linux-powered mobile phones this year, say sources claiming to be close to the company. The devices will be powered by Wind River Linux, and pending carrier reaction, may well be the first Linux-powered handsets distributed widely within the US.

So far, Linux mobile phones have proliferated primarily in Asia, where mobile network build-outs have been larger and arguably more advanced than in the US, in part because some Asian countries lack significant last-mile copper infrastructure. Strong sales of Linux handsets in Japan helped Linux surpass Windows Mobile in handset OS shipments earlier this year, according to Gartner. Still, Symbian remains the leader among "complex" phone OSes, and is expected to gain marketshare over the next several years, while Linux and Windows Mobile will also grow, studies from both IDC and Gartner suggest.

Full Story

Halo Kitty

This shirt was a clever idea from Threadless Shirts.

Nintendo-branded WiFi Dongle

Nintendo recently unveiled a new WiFi USB connector as part of their latest attempt to release a line of Nintendo-branded wireless products. As soon as you insert this dongle into your PC, a window will open to establish a link between it and your DS. After going through three option screens, you’ll be online. The dongle is jointly developed with Buffalo Technology, which will also release Nintendo WiFi Station access points to stores in Japan, to create instant DS “hot spots.”

The WiFi connector dongle will go on sale in Europe in November for about £30, though there’s no word on availability stateside.

Nintendo unveils Wi-Fi dongle

T-Mobile to provide mobile internet

T-Mobile has set its sights on providing broadband speeds to handsets next year. The 'Web'n'Walk' service (called 'Office in your pocket' for business users) will facilitate access to 2G, 3G and Wi-Fi services. The service also offers 40MB of data downloads. There will be five handsets available at launch, each coming preconfigured with internet access.

Since Google and T-Mobile announced a partnership, Google will be the default start page.

4GB Hard Drive for PSP

Datel, which also makes the X2 battery pack for the PSP, has come out with an integrated 4GB hard drive version, effectively making this an external hard drive for the PSP. The Datel MAX 4GB connects to the memory stick port of the PSP, and will utilize its built-in battery pack instead of sapping the PSP’s power. As for pricing, Lik-Sang is selling it for $249.99. Considering the price of a 2GB Memory Stick Pro DUO is more than $330, this is looking to be a must-have add-on for those PSP fans that like to pack on the multimedia in their handhelds (TV shows, for example). It will be available later this month.

Max 4GB HDD w/ X2 Battery

Franz Ferdinand: Official Site

Franz Ferdinand's blog is a good source for all of the fans out there.

Check it out.