Thursday, April 28, 2005


Just to bring you up to speed, I had to send in my graphics card to PNY for a replacement. I got a RMA# from them and followed the instructions to the T. I have dealt with stuff like this before and if you forget one little thing, they will not accept it. Now to be safe I put the video card in the original box with the original cable, cd, and documentation. Inside the origingal box I put a copy of the receipt in there and a RMA label. On the outside of the box I taped another copy of my reciept and another copy of the RMA label. I then put that box in a FED EX box and shipped it to them. After a few days I received an email from PNY saying my video card has been received but is being returned, the reason shall accompany the package. Ok, so I thought it was broke and maybe it was something I was doing wrong. A week later I received a small plain cardboard box with nothing but the graphics card inside. No original box, no s-video cable, no driver disc, and the only paperwork was a RMA return saying the reason for the return.....NO RECEIPT! WTF PNY are you blind. So when I send it in AGAIN I am going to make about 100 copies of my sales receipt and cut them to size and use them as packing material. There absolutley no excuse for this BS. The card is not even 3 months old. DO NOT BUY PNY PRODUCTS!!

Monday, April 25, 2005

Commercialism is really getting out of hand

Last night, while watching comedy central, I took the time to notice how many commercials were ran during the break. Six commercials like every 5-7 minutes. Then I started noticing that almost every commercial that was ran, was telling you to do something (buy this, lease now, call now) it averaged out to be somewhere near 75% of the commercial was telling you what to do. There aren't hardly any commercials left that are suttle or suggestive, which by the way is a better form of marketing in my opinion. It is an attempt to by pass our active minds and go staight to our subconcious thoughts. I think after noticing this I will be a little more perceptive as to what they are trying to accomplish.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Sunday again

Here it is, hours away from having to go back to work. Weekends sure go by fast.

Friday, April 22, 2005

You know?

As I have been keeping this blog I have noticed how incredibly fast life goes by. Isn't amazing how we sit in our offices for what feels like an eternity, each day watching the clock creep by, but then all of the sudden its the weekend again. They say it gets worse as you get older. I guess we just have to live with it. On a lighter note, I have a job interview with a company closer to home next Tuesday. I drive about 60 miles round trip each day, killing a tank of gas pretty quick.

I'm officially Pissed

Well so much for the tech support from PNY, they (who by the way, told me my graphics card was defective and needs to be sent in for replacement) emailed me today and said "that my card has been received but has been returned to you. An explanation for the return, which can be found inside the package, will accompany the product." Now the only explanation for the return should be that they are F-ing LIARS. Why oh why can't businesses honor their product warranties and hell while they are at it, why don't they honor what they tell you.

Friday Already?

Ok, normally I like Fridays, but this week went by way to fast. I didn't get anything done this week, besides enroll in college, which will only make my life that much more stressful. Still, I drive on and maybe it will get better

"Knowledge is power, until you forget to pay the bill then they cut it off"


Thursday, April 21, 2005

Uh Cake please

Captain's Blog Stardate 052105 (no I'm not a "Trekkie")

After a long discussion with myself I said "Self" (because that's what I call my self when I am talking to my self) "it's time I went back to college". So I enrolled in night classes for computer networking. My goal is to one day have a salary that would make Solomon blush.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Tea and Cake or DEATH !!!!

Tea and cake or death,Tea and cake or death,Tea and cake or death
Little red cookbook, Little red cookbook.

Ciao !!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2005


Ok, we all have technical difficulties from time to time, but when a company will not even offer tech support to someone unless they have a registration code from when they first bought the POS, that sucks. Oh and guess who the parent company for Mad Dog is... NEC, great job a**holes! While I'm on my soapbox I would like to say thanks to PNY for their tech support. I lost one function on my video card and they said send it back and they will replace it, just like that. See NEC how easy that is! I will let you know if all goes well PNY said I should get my video card back within 14 days (pretty good considering the 4-6 week norm).

Awakening from a mild coma

So Saturday I decided after working that morning and being out in the sun for a few hours, to take a little nap. It was 6:00 pm and I thought I could take an hour to pick myself back up. 14 hours later I wake up to what felt like coming back from a week long coma. I didn't know what day it was, what I was suppose to be doing, or even who I was. It literally took me a couple of hours to get things straightened out. So now it's 8:30 PM and I have to be at work in the morning and I am still trying to figure out what was real and what was a dream. I have come to the conclussion that any sleep over 10 hours is coma like.

Songs in the key of Blah

If you ever get a chance to here CPT PYRO sing in the key of blah, it is really amusing

Friday, April 15, 2005

Another lovely Friday

Even though I love technology, sometime it can be a real pain. I like to stay connected and I am one of those people who uses every single feature on my cell phone (Blackberry 7100T). I found this cool software called Pocket express. I set it up all went well then Blah unable to connect ARGH. Okay so I emailed tech support and suprisingly an almost instant response. Go Pocket express.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Military even

My best friends and I. I being the one in the chair. Posted by Hello

Gadget Whore

Yes, I am a self admitting Gadget Whore. If it's new, high tech, and cool; I want it. Gotta have it. I think there should be meetings for people like me kinda of like AA except instead of coffee and doughnuts there would be coffee and downloads.

Trying this Blog concept

I have to admit that I am a lazy dreamer. I want to do all these cool thngs like have my own web page and show my life to the world. However I have either been too busy or too lazy to do so.