Friday, October 27, 2006

Blogging from Memphis

Day 3 in Memphis and I am wore slap out. Here is a quick run down of my trip so far.

I got here at 5:00 PM, drove 200 miles from home nonstop. Once I got checked to the hotel (which by the way is a kick ass one), we hit the bar hard and heavy. A couple of hours later we walked to this amazing resturant called Automatic Slims. After a full blown 4 course meal. We went to the famous Peabody Hotel and had a few drinks in the lobby. Then back to the hotel for more drinks. I finally retired to my room at 1:00 am.

Meetings first thing in the morning. I grabbed a quick lunch at T G I Fridays and then our guests started to arrive. At 5:30 PM we had a cocktail reception for an hour and went to eat at an awesome Brazilian steakhouse called the Texas de Brazil. After stuffing myself full of every kind of steak imagineable I called it a night and got some sleep.

More meetings until lunch where we had ribs from a place called rendevous's, then I shuttled a group of people to the golf course (I don't play golf) then I headed back to the hotel where I was supposed to have meet up with another group and take them to Graceland. When I got back to the Hotel the second group had already left so I'm free until tonight where we are going to the B.B. Kings Blues Club. So I headed to the bar and knocked down a few drinks and now I'm going to take a nap!

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