Sunday, April 22, 2007

Breaking the law

I got busted. I tried to sneak my lighter in my carry on backpack. Most of the time they never say anything but this time they weren't too happy about it. But I made it on through ....... without my lighter.

Airports are full of all types of different people and that's usually cool. I always get to the airport way too early so I'm stuck here waiting for my flight.

This might be an interesting flight. There is a search and rescue dog and her trainer from Colorado. I figured the dog would be in one of those carriers but no it gets its own seat on the plane. This didn't bother me at first but now the dog is bouncing around and barking. If the dog barks on this flight it will drive me crazy.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

lighter,? HUnh?! your jones that big? buy a lighter at the airport,get patches,see if there is chewable crack yet.Quit bitchin about people and dog going to try to do some good for a stranger at the risk of thier own lives.I would rather a barking search dog than a crying baby,anyday.